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Starting January 1st 2015 


As like many families, our current outgoings are more than our income. This means I either need to get a part-time job, pay for child care and give up home educating OR be more frugal. As a year long experiment, I will be cutting back on everything (except the obvious, rent, council tax etc.) to see if, with a little organising, planning & creativity, I can continue to live the life I want. 


The average Part-Time wage in the UK is £112.20 per week, £486.20 per month, £5,834.40 per year. This is how much I aim to save. 


I will be sharing every saving along the way with the hope that you can use a few of my tips to help your family save a few pounds.


Don't think I can do it? Join me on my journey to find out.  



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