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Meet The Clan

MY first ever blog! Can I get a "Wahoo!" Too much?

So, HEY!! Welcome to my blog. How are you? I've been wanting to write a blog for so long but have always thought my life isn't "interesting" enough. But then I thought, "f*** it", I'll let you be the judge of that.

So here we all are, just your bog standard family (I think). Mum, Dad, Lilly, Ben, Poppy, bump aaaaaaaand the dog.

I'll just give you a breif list of things I'll be sharing with you through my blog so you can make a quick decision as to whether we are your marmite (the whole love\hate thing).

- Home education

- Recipes

- Money saving (realistically)

- Crafts


- Bored & skint

Ok, you get the idea.

I'll leave it there for now,

I'll be back (I totally just said that in Arnolds voice)

Much love, Becca x

P.S - I know my writing isn't the best but I find drinking a glass of wine or two first helps.

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